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Wed, Sep. 8th, 2010, 04:16 pm

This is my Broken Star Quilt. I'm still working on it. I have done free motion on it a few different ways and have taken it out! I guess I'll just do my silly puzzle design and be done. Not sure what I want to do next. I've bought some templates that I'm excited to use. I'm in a purple square exchange, I'm supposed to get 72 squares from sending out 6. I've got two so far, hopefully there will be more!

Wed, Sep. 8th, 2010, 04:13 pm

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2010, 01:42 am
The Youngest


Baby of mine, miracle to us
Who will you be?
What will you become?

Sunshine and laughter
Kisses and hugs
Heart so golden, gift to us

Goodness and kind
Full to the top
Bouquet of flowers, presented to us

-Laurie Hanson

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2010, 01:40 am
My daughter

Writer of mine
Daughter of me
Paint me your picture
Show me your dream

Artist of mine
Girl who I know
Tell me your words
Where will you go?

Baby of mine
One with my soul
Pull in your sails
Make the wind slow

Daughter of mine
Have you seen what you saw?
And learned what you know

Daughter of mine one with my soul
Now are you done?
Please come home

Thu, Nov. 19th, 2009, 11:42 am
And so it begins

This is my first closer view of braidpost to Live Journal. The others I imported from a different site. I thought I had better bring them with me as it might not get better than what I wrote there. Maybe I would have nothing more to say. I dont profess to have any earth shattering news, or radical views on anything in particular. Most often I am writing about my day or my family.

Yesterday I think I may have hit the jackpot. Well book-wise. I went into a thrift store and was having a look around. I never seem to find anything in those stores. There is just so much stuff( and junk) that I don't know where to start. There seems to be that stale smell that surrounds everything. Maybe I am the only one to notice. But everyone seems to find great stuff when they go. Maybe they bought it all and there is nothing left for me.
So I head to the books where at least I don't have to shuffle through racks and racks. And I saw a Terry Brooks book. I had read something by him many years ago. I can't remember what is was. But I had the feeling I enjoyed it. I was determined to find something good on my thrift shop search. Then I noticed there were entire series of his books there. Well I know it bothers me to no end when I buy a book and find it is part of a series and then try to find book one as I have book 3. So I think I bought 19 books all of somesort of a series by him. Good thing they were only .99c.So there I am walking through the store with 19 books precariously in my arms. This older man said whoa as I went by. I felt a little bad as I had so many. Maybe someone else wanted one. And then I felt woo hoo I got all these books and you can't have them. So I have all these books and what do I start reading, the murder/ mystery/ spy book I got there!. I just couldn't pass the whole series idea by. I think it is the Shannara series. I like that name, so I'm grasping here.
I am trying to finish the quilt I am working on. It's a french braid. I will have to remember and figure out how to put a picture up. I am on the part where you join the binding together. I think I have it figured out in my head and can continue. I haven't finished it( many months) because then I wouldn't have anything to do. So I think I have my next project of what I would like to do,and am able to do. I am new to quilting so some projects I just couldn't tackle without a nervous breakdown. I so want to do a Gordian Knot. I will just have to buy the book and figure it out. The quilt store where I took a couple of classes has closed,suddenly and Now what am I supposed to do!!!?
There maybe be some ugly quilts out in the world by the time I am done.

And then there is that Fricken YoVille. Yes I am on. Why I don't know. I am not into decorating. I am not into Barbie's and dressing them. I could never figure out why girls played with them. I had them and didn't. I never wanted to dress them,it took all day to get a fricken dress over there heads and mangle their arms inside. Many of arms had been pulled off at my house. And then to do the pretend talking either to them or them to you. I always thought do you know they are dolls? They are not real. I could play dress up with a real person and real language. Anyway, I am on a rant. My girls had Barbies not sure if they did the pretend thing with them. Oh yeah YoVille. so there I am decorating my apartment and pretend baking and making pretend buddies. My niece,she's 40, is so into it that She talks like it's real. Has to tell me what level she is(50) and takes it all way too seriously. It's alright as a game to play. but relax. It just seems you get on there and the next thing you know is 2hrs has gone by. You have nothing to show for your time. Oh Add me if you want LOL. So now I am running around sending msg's and baking and collecting my pots of gold. I am trying to make balloon sets to throw at people. I have not sets as of today! lol
I am hoping to do as much as I can in the longest time I can. I don't want to rush anything. I don't want it to be over, like a good book. I am just a bit too relaxed I guess.

Tue, Nov. 17th, 2009, 10:23 am

Orange Hair, golf carts and French

Good Friday morning,
Well it's not too, too bad anyway. Have you ever noticed that when you need a little pick me up, a feel better, a get out of the blahs, that all you have to do is put on some wild colour of lipstick? Well I have, you don't have to do your whole face , just put on the wildest colour you have and pretty soon you are smiling at how ridiculous it all is and wal-la you feel better. Please do not print my lipstick idea, it is under copy write law. You would have to pay me a large sum of money to do so. Although I wish my oldest and neediest daughter would have put the lipstick to the test. No instead during one of her summer jobs, I guess she was feeling a little low, or maybe bored while driving the beverage(beer) cart at the golf course ,she passed on the lipstick and decided to drive her golf cart into some rich golf guy's with attitude golf cart. Malaise and sadness ensued. Her hair is kind of orange. She was a beutiful natural blonde and was wanting to add a little pizazz to the ensemble. So she dyed her hair like a dark redish brown with neon red highlights. Which when she washed it kind of looked pink. Now it is orange. Also, she made me help her do this to herself. Her tips went down at the golf course after she did this, or maybe it was running into people with a driving apparatis. We aren't quite sure. Good thing school starts for her next week, I can't handle the stress of her trying to make money. Then there is the good child, the nice child, the child who hasn't run anyone over(yet). But she does try out all her new made up martial arts moves on my husband. She entered grade 5 and loved it yesterday. Lost a tooth during assembly. She is upset that the grade 4's get to learn french and she doesn't. So now at assemblies they have to sing O'Canada in french. I wonder how the rest of the school will do this, as they don't get French class, like those above us all grade 4's. I would like to go and listen to what these kids are saying and how they pronounce things during the learning process of the song in French. That would just be too funny.I hurt my back doing who knows what. I had finally had enough and printed exercises for low back pain off the Internet. I did them and couldn't hardly move the next day. I need the beginner ones like , flex your toes and raise your eyebrows. Then I could maybe move up.
Well that is it, I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend.
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Monday, August 27, 2007
Technology and me

I not quite sure if I am ready for all the new technology, or if it is for me. I bought a new cell phone yesterday. Actually the first cell phone I have ever bought. The other was given to me. I couldn't figure that one out either. So I was told by अलेक्ष् to buy this one as it is so wonderful. I'm sure it might be if I could make it do the things I think it should be doing. It comes with free text messaging for a year. I cannot send one and a whole day of my year is almost gone. I have sent my daughter three and haven't heard back. Maybe she is avoiding me. Or my messages are coming out as gibberish. ( well more so than usual). I took a picture and now I don't know where it went. I guess it right beside the proper button to send text.
All the company is gone from the weekend and the house was so quiet had to go for a nap. Maybe from loneliness or exhaustion maybe both.
Why can't they put helpful things on cell phones like .. if you are over 40 please press one and we will do everything for you. or if you need a minute to get your reading glasses to see the buttons press 2.
Well I guess I could have kept the old phone with no features except to answer and hangup as that is all I can do on this new fancy thing.
Back to the manual with my reading glasses I guess. I might have to put the manual in my purse incase I am out somewhere and need to make a call to someone. I hope I don't ever need to call 911, I might die in the time it will take me to make the phone work.
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Friday, August 24, 2007
उसिंग Using the HIndi language button

I love to write in हिंदी। ई नोव हवे अ ब्लोग ऎंड डॉन'त अच्तुअल्ल्य क्नोव वहत तो डॉट विथ इत। ई डॉन'त क्नोव वि ई ऍम व्रितिंग इन हिंदी, होवेवेर, यू नेवर क्नोव व्हें अ हिंदी परसों मिघ्त हवे थे द्यिंग नीद तो रीड थे क्रेप ई मिघ्त राइट.
I wish there were more language buttons, I am quite enjoying this.
I have company about to arrive on my doorstep and I look well, not fit for company on the doorstep unless I hide. So I had better come back to this later.
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I am fortyish, I have two daughters, two cats, lots of fish, 1 husband, and there are lizards in the area.

Tue, Nov. 17th, 2009, 10:12 am

It's a wacky world where I reside.

Hello to all of you.
I haven't been on here in forever( because I forgot my username and password and helpful daughter #1 would not help me.
I thought I should write and literaly expose my nearest and dearest. I am fortunate enough to have such diverse friends and family.
Last April I bought a new sewing machine. Not the one I wanted, but I love it. I love it more as it didn't cost $1800.00 like the one I really wanted. AndI bought a new machine because I new deep down I was an expert quilter just waiting to be released with a sewing machine that actually sewed.
The quilting store out here( in small town nowhereville. would't let me and Joy take a beginner class. She thinks it's her fault as things like that happen to her. It was wierd. We were there with money in our hot little quilting hands and she never sold us any material. She said she would teach us a class but never said when. It was so twilight zone. They never said no, they would just not determine a date for us to come. So I went and took one where I had to drive for over an hour to get there. It was the best $60.00 I ever spent. I had been trying to do it on my own out of a magazine. Well somethings just don't match up. You know what is funny is mine is a mess and I am giving Joy directions. Her squares don't line right up either.
So I go to quilting basics, and it has changed my life!!

I wonder if us women who are mothers take our jobs a little too far. Joy painted her spare bedroom. It was to be a bright, wonderful place to have guests. She painted it Pepto Bismol pink. She can hardly go in the room without feeling sick.
I decided to paint the shed. It is an eye-popping white. It just looks out of place in the yard. So I and with the help of ever helpful daughters get some paint. It's that chip board crap on the shed and takes about a gallon of paint per square foot. Anyway, I have been painting my little heart out. Yesterday, the formerly good daugher told me the shed looks like Calamine lotion. AND IT DOES.!@!!!No wonder I found it so soothing.

We have recently bought the hound from hell. WE'll just call him Fynn to make it simple. He is 9 months old and has restricted every facet of our lives. I now buy my sunglasses from the dollar store as he has ate over 6 pairs. I love him to death and some day it might come to that. He will not walk with us. Well, without pulling us all over or if we put the halty on him, he does he cirq de solais moves, or he will pull backward and we pull forward and drag him down the street like a cow. It looks like the animal welfare people will be visiting us. So last night I wanted to go on a treasure hunt, the geocache thing. I don't have a gps, but I thought it might not be too hard from the map on the website. So off we go husband, daughter #2 and the hound from hell. So it was a nice walk in a park down pathways, trees all over. He acted like we had never taken him out of the house before. He pulled, he shoved trying to get the halty off his head.He would stand like a bull and pull back with all his might. It looked like we were pulling his head off. So he got a talking to I tell you. Then we get home and he starts whining for his nightly walk. What the hell did he think we were doing. Well we weren't walking our normal walk around the neighborhood that is what. My husband, Studley, was on the phone and the dog then proceeded to bark his loudest as he wants his walk.Which is only maybe 20 min. We were out walking in the trees and rocks for over an hour. We yell at him to be quiet and he barks louder. He sounds like a Saint Bernard, he's a Golden Retriever. they didn't go so he started his I want to go to bed whine. He tries to tell us when we should go to bed so he can too. He is free to go to bed at anytime and we tell him that, but no if he isn't having fun no one is going to. After all that, I did not find any treasure. My precious waits for me. I need a GPS. And dog training.

It is now later in the evening and I love my dog, I always tell everyone how smart he is. I put the harness back on and he walked like he was a show dog. I told him if he didn't smarten up we were putting the halty back on. I guess my threats worked.

So now about my friend Cindy, I'll just call her ah Cindy for her privacy. She is a story in itself. She talks a million miles an hour and half the time you don't have a clue what she is saying and the other half you are saying pardon what did you say.
Here is one time I remember, It was the school Christmas concert and she wanted good seats. So she was going to save me some too. The doors don't open until 6:30. It is 5:30 and she is in the school playground with her boys and their friends, lurking.
She is now on her cell phone with me and screaming at the boys to quit throwing rocks at the school. Now remember it is dark out and no one else is there. I guess she went so early incase there might be a line up or something. Well the boys hit the windows with rocks, while she is on the phone with me asking how many seats I need.She sees someone moving the curtains in one of the rooms. She starts screaming for the boys to run back to the truck. So now she is laying down in the cab of the truck and the boys are too and she is hiding from which ever teacher she scared the hell out of and is still on the phone with me laughing her head off. All just to get into row 6 at the Christmas concert. That is why I sometimes call her Lurk.
These are some of my friends that make my life brighter,easier and more eventful and I appreciate that.
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Tue, Nov. 17th, 2009, 09:49 am
Fall-As in Autumn

September 30th. The last day of the month. I didn't realize I was so busy or distracted, that a whole month went by. However, this is my favourite time of year. I love the fall. I look forward to the leaves falling from the trees. To walking through the bundles of leaves crunching under my feet. But you know there is worse to come, as I had to turn on the furnace today. I was freezing in the morning. The chill is much better than feeling like pottery in a kiln. Which I experienced last week. But is also a sad time of year. An ending. To summer fun and parties, to staying up until 11 at night, in the backyard and the sun has just set. To summer romances for the younger or young at heart. To be able to stop and listen.. to people, to sounds, like sitting at the river's edge and listening and feeling rejuvinated by the sight and sound. Now we will be trying to keep a constant pace to keep the blood flowing. It is a quiet time. There is nothing better than to go for a walk in the fall and take a breath of the crisp cool air. It makes you feel alive, refreshed and a thought at a chance at renewal. Just as the seasons renew. We can now have hopes we will look so much better next summer. We don't have to wear the little clothes, we are now afforded the chance to don our sweaters and fall wear. The comfy clothes. The comforting clothes
It is also when we all get sick. Maybe the thought of summer ending has a role in there somewhere. My youngest has just gone back to school after being home with the flu. And now we have to be terrified that we might get H1N1, after we squeeked through without getting West Nile.
I am looking forward to getting back to working on my quilt. I am making a french braid quilt and this one is for me. I am just beginning this journey and I think I might need and intervention. I love it. I love to think about it. I love to look at my sewing machine and imagine what I might make. I have taken three classes so far. The first two, one a lap quilt, went to daughter #1, and the second a large single, went to daughter #2. So here comes mine. I still have to put the borders on, backing and quilt it. If my little machine is up to it. I think it can, I hope it can!
Going back a bit, I had an uneventful summer for the most part. Sydney had a birthday party in June, rather than when her birthday is in July. That way there were kids available and not on their holiday. Went to a gymnastic place and it was great. No injuries and no trips to hospital.

Then there is trouble daughter. She came home from the dorm. She left the province on a bus, to go to family and find a summer job. Which she did both and found a nice young man, which I had forbid her to do. Because she was just there for the summer and would be leaving for school at the end of summer. I thought it would be unfair to find someone and then leave that someone. So enter Mr. Al Bean. He is quite nice. She was already seeing him, when I hit the gavel and pronounced my verdict of forbittance. And ofcourse the school she was accepted to, she did not want to go. As she put it, if she thought about going there it would make her physically sick. Why the hell did she apply there!!!! And they sent her such a nice acceptance package. They sounded excited she was coming to their school. But no another broken heart in her search for enlightenment. The school she wanted hadn't responded to her charms as of yet. But she kept chanting her magical poems and waving her Keats wand and wallaa, she was in.. finally. With no time to spare. So now we have to get from the prairie desert and deposit her on the sandy beach of higher education. Next buy a mini van, ofcourse that is the next logical thing to do. Isn't that what everyone does? What would you do?? Next pick her up from the desert and go for a water slide in the hotel. Huh again what would you do? Oh and meet prince charming( poor guy, he doesn't know what he is in for). Lull him in to a false sense of security regarding my much aligned character of, you should be totally terrified of my Mom.Enter husband, ply him with beer,( ha like you would do something different!)More of the lulling. See if he has axe murdering in his eyes. He didn't. But I'm watching!! Meet him because the sorcerer I call my daughter has somehow thrown leaves to the wind with an incantation of, you shall follow me to the land of enlightenment. And he is going, tomorrow.
So dropped off my little leprechaun in the middle of an island. Through the mist, Avalon. Hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. Left on a ferry. Left her. I still try not to think on it. Studley is still thinking of moving there. But then we will have to move to where the wind carries our little lady bug . What if they are in two different places? One of us goes with one and the other with the other. Then trade. this was not supposed to be this hard and this painful. While at the same time being proud that someone is following their dreams. They just don't realize they were our dreams.And we cannot always follow.